Civil Air Patrol
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Cadet Resources

Volunteers serving America’s communities, saving lives, and shaping futures.

New Cadet Guide: Everything a new cadet needs to know, published by National Headquarters (low resolution version).

Stripes to Diamonds: The single essential link to everything that a cadet needs from the beginning of their Cadet Career to the pinnacle achievement

Memory Work: Basic knowledge all cadets should master.

Cadet Insignia: Recognize Rank/Grade.

Senior Officer Insignia: It’s different, learn these too!

Uniform Wear: Guides on how to wear the CAP uniform properly, according to CAPM 39-1, the uniform regulation.

Ribbon Checker: Use this resource to properly place your ribbons on their rack (NOTE: this link is outside of the CAP Network).

Learn to Lead Vol 1: This resource will take a new cadet through the Learning Phase, C/Amn through C/SrA.

Learn to Lead Drill Tests: Be prepared, know what you will be tested on.

E-mail Signature: Use this guide to create your Email Signature Block.

Safety Beacon Archives: The Safety Beacon is for informational purposes. Unit safety officers are encouraged to use the articles in the Beacon as topics for their monthly safety briefings and discussions. Members may also go to LMS, read the current Beacon, and take a quiz to receive credit for monthly safety education.

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